Cloud Mining vs. Holding

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What would be the most profitable thing to do?  Cloud Mine or Buy and Hold? Well let's break it down and find out!

In this example we will be investing $1000 and see what our profits would be in a 1 year.

Buy and Hold

So, lets say I were to buy $1000 of Dash today (1 Dash @ $90)

$1000/$90= 11.1111 Dash...hold this for a year and say the price of Dash is now $200 GREAT!

Profit now is - 11.1111 x $200 = $2,222.22 

Cloud Mining

So now, let's say I invest $1000 in Dash mining on Genesis (200MH/s @ $1000)

200MH/s = about 15.96 Dash per year.....and Dash is now $200 after a year

Profit now is - 15.96 x $200 = $3,192 OMG!!

But, the fun doesn't end there. With Genesis Mining you get a 2year contract with their mining plan. So, the $1000 will give you 2 years of mining.  That's 31.92 Dash in 2 years. (15.96 x 2 = 31.92)

It's true that as difficulty increases you'll mine less coin but even if I were to only get 20 Dash in return for $1000 that's more than buying 11.1111 at the same price and I get to enjoy the profits of price increase in the future as well.

It's a no brainer for me when it comes to mining profitable coins. Can't go wrong with Dash mining and now Litecoin with it showing to be the next contender.  

Buy and Hold low cost coins

I will agree that buying and holding coins are most profitable IF you buy in when the price is low. For example, back when Dash was at $10, buying $1000 of Dash then would of given you 100 Dash.  Now that would of been a no brainer.  There are also some coins out there that are no longer profitable anymore when it comes to mining simply because the difficulty has increased significantly that's why I stick to profitable coins such as Dash and Litecoin or Zcash but, Zcash is no longer available on Genesis (sold out). 

Genesis Mining

If your'e planning on joining Genesis Mining, here are a couple of insights

1. When purchasing a plan if paid with Credit/Debit Card payouts will be held for 1 month and after that month the payout will be sent to the wallet address you provided.  Payouts will be made Daily after that.

2. When purchasing a plan with Cryptocurrency, payouts are sent out daily. No 1 month hold.

3. You can upgrade your hashpower everyday 

4. Customer Service is great. They respond fairly quickly. Contact them @  Email:

5. You get affiliate code on sign up. Share your code if someone uses code you can select to get bonus paid in bitcoin or hashpower upgrade

5. Use code to get 3% discounts on plans and upgrades

Hope this helps you all and happy mining everyone! 

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